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A Brand is the most valuable real estate in the world, a corner of your consumer’s mind.

A Brand is very different from a product or service. A brand is intangible and exists in the mind of the consumer. Different people have different perceptions of a product or service, which places them at different points on the loyalty ladder. A brand is built not only through graphic design or appealing logos. A brand is built through the total experience that it offers.

There are many contributing factors as to what makes a brand work. PSD have provided successful graphic design solutions with dozens of clients over the years in from the Central Coast to Newcastle and all over Australia. However, we do not just specialise in graphic design. We create highly successful brand and business images. This takes a whole different set of skills and talents which sets us apart in the world of design.

The best brand communications are achieved when the mix of design elements gel. Marketing, Colour, messaging and imagery are all elements that create a successful brand design. With every communication we develop for any of our clients brands these 5 basic principals are implemented to ensure an effective result is achieved. Regardless if your business is in Sydney, across the Central Coast, Newcastle or throughout Australia we have the right creative mix to develop an effective brand design for your business.

Marketing – What are your customers thinking?
The power of your brand relies on the ability to focus. That is why defining your target market will help to strengthen your brand’s effectiveness. The more defined your audience is, the more focused the brand, and the more likely the brand message will get results. By targeting your message to a well defined audience, sighting the right touch points for your brand to be seen, the more likely you will maximize the return on your marketing dollar.

Colour – Persuasive colour to distinguish your brand
In our visually boisterous world, colour is the key element that can be used to catch your viewer’s attention. whether bright or dull, singular or complex, physiological or psychological, theoretical or experimental, the persuasive power of colour attracts and motivates a sale. Effective graphic design and brands use persuasive colour to distinguish a product or service from another. Equally it can act as an identifier to associate your product or service with a similar brand name or category.

Content – Is your brand being consumed
Type is essential: it directs us, it clarifies information, and it coerces us to buy products. A good marketing design agency will use type to direct your consumers eye around a page. It will bring key statements of communication into focus and enables your audience to quickly gather information to persuade a sale.

Imagery – The power of visual communication
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. indeed, the earliest forms of communication used were symbol-based, dating back almost thirty thousand years. An image can convey your thoughts and ideas. Images can thrill us, they can inspire us, they can lift our spirits, or sink our hearts. Images are powerful and can create powerful brand design communications.

Innovation – Break out of the box
By differentiating your brand through innovative ideas and applications as part of your design and communication strategy adds another dimension for your brand. If utilised effectively the brand carries the imprint of your company or product. The resulting visual event continues to hold your consumers attention, demands their contemplation, and leaves them with a little mystery and magic.


We help businesses achieve brand success

As a marketing design agency we provide the level of advice and experience you would expect to help deliver the brand your company deserves. We work with you throughout the marketing, design and implementation process to ensure that the end result reflects the right message for your brand and your consumers… like we done for all of our clients throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and all over Australia. This is our specialty, and our long list of clients is testament to the fact that we do an excellent job. This is thanks to a highly talented, educated and skilled team of designers and visualizes who are tasked with working on projects based on their expertise.
We understand the needs of existing and new businesses. Our services are designed to improve the chances of successful brand implementation. So If you are launching a new product, need to rebrand your business or perhaps are starting a new business from scratch – contact us today. Call: 02 4329 4209 or send an email to:

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