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We are brand consultants, marketing specialists, and designers across a variety of industry sectors. And, we love the challenge it brings.

Our brand design teams capabilities are vast and flexible. From logo design, brand identity systems to integrated communication strategies. We can deliver a single skill or implement seamless campaigns across varied media platforms, PSD Brand Design transforms business potential into trusted brands.

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Brand Design
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Logo design.

A logo design is the first visual element incorporated with an organisation’s brand. The mark that sits on top of all brand communications and products.

PSD Brand Design create custom logo designs which are considered, researched and understood – not designed purely on pretty pictures or trends, but rather created with the customer in mind.

A custom logo design specifically created for your business, allowing complete ownership, should you choose to trademark it.

We will walk you through the process, share our expertise, and design a logo for your brand that will allow for growth and represent your organisation for years to come.


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Brand Identity System

A brand identity system (brand guidelines) defines the look and feel of your communications. It is a set of brand assets, when used together, creates a distinctive and easily recognised visual representation of your brand.

A well-considered brand identity system will guide your brand’s visual look throughout all communication and branded collateral, both online and offline.

The brand identity system provides a guide regarding what fonts are used, colours (both primary and supporting palettes), visual graphical elements, brand mark elements, style and tone of images, and, your logo design.

PSD Brand Design team define your brand look and feel, the style is implemented throughout all basic organisational collateral including stationery items, corporate folders, retail and corporate offices, and uniforms.


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Brand Design

Our brand design team can design just about anything. From logo design, brand guidelines to websites, brochures, sales tools, advertising, product packaging and everything in between.

Our designers’ expertise does not just stop at understanding colour and balance. Each designer brings specialist skills to every project and each has a comprehensive understanding of brand implementation and consumer behaviour.

When creating a design, we consider the balance between strategy, function, and aesthetics, implementing your brand styling with a considered and focused approach.

PSD Brand Design work with our clients in partnership to ensure the integrity of all designed communications, making sure they are on brand and relevant to the organisation they represent.


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Integrated Campaigns

PSD Brand Design work with our clients to deliver integrated brand campaigns unifying a variety of communication channels to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Using a variety of traditional and non-traditional marketing such as advertising, sales promotions, personal selling, public relations, direct marketing, and digital and social media channels, we create campaigns that are powerful, on brand and work together as a unified force. To deliver maximum impact.

The team at PSD work with you to develop a strategic plan and set about designing, implementing and tracking results. This tactic helps to unify your marketing message for your customers, leading to great results and better return on your marketing dollar.


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B2B Corporate Design

Marketing for B2B and Corporate organisations is a skill in itself. Understanding complex business structures, client partnerships and meeting the needs of very specific target sectors requires a specialised individual strategy.

B2B is about building long-term partnerships with customers and finding interesting and compelling ways to communicate technical information and messages. The buying process is often a rational one and needs-based with the resulting sale made to meet specific pre-determined and agreed values.

PSD Brand Design spend the time to fully understand your business, customer behaviours and learn how relationships are built in your specific industry sectors. After understanding the business and the needs of the customer, we tailor marketing strategies and tactics in a solution based approach. Our strategies are fluid and adaptable to meet the changing marketing needs.


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Exhibition & Outdoor Media

From exhibition display stands and systems, office signage and fit-out, vehicle wraps and graphics, billboards and street advertising – PSD Brand Designs team can develop, design and deliver complete solutions.

We will ensure your brand is consistent, on message, and delivered in a seamless way across all outdoor and large format media applications.


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When we engaged PSD Brand Design we were a small organisation, with big aspirations. After just a few months working with PSD we believe we have grown in to a ‘proper’ business. PSD was instrumental in changing the way we think about ourselves and how we project our brand to both our employees and our customers. There is a world of difference between where we came from and where we are now, and we would like to thank PSD for taking us on this journey – The end result is simply awesome.



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