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In a world full of white noise, we design brands with purpose; to engage audiences, connect with customers, and transform business potential into trusted brands.

A brand is more than a logo. It’s a statement of quality that wins respect and provokes the loyalty of those who come to know it. To stay ahead, to remain contemporary and relevant in a changing world, branding and implementation demands attention, insight, agility, and co-ordination.

PSD Brand Design helps organisations design, establish and expand brands that build loyalty with your customers, staff, and stakeholders.

Our offering includes the full spectrum of brand, design and implementation services. Through understanding your business and developing a strategy that uses the right communication channels, our campaigns deliver real outcomes.

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Our approach, tried and tested.


Our first engagement with you gives us the understanding of your goals, visions and aspirations, and provides the focus to ensure we meet (and exceed) the outcomes you desire. Understanding your business though, is just the beginning to crafting effective brands. The true story comes from consumers, competitors and the business foundations.


A strategy helps guide a brand and focus attention. Everything from customer insights, communications, engagement channels and measurement is considered. The strategy keeps everyone on track with what needs to be done to achieve valued outcomes.


Our project team includes dedicated specialists; Marketers, Art Directors, Brand Designers, Content creators, Photographers, Video Producers, Web Programmers, and Social Media communicators. We mix ’n match our team to ensure we form the perfect brand platform.


Working with you we deliver the brand to market. Managing social media, engaging with customers, staff training and brand launches are all part of what we do. We want to achieve the best outcomes for your business and will do (almost) anything to achieve them.

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When we engaged PSD Brand Design we were a small organisation, with big aspirations.
After just a few months working with PSD we believe we have grown in to a ‘proper’ business. PSD was instrumental in changing the way we think about ourselves and how we project our brand to both our employees and our customers.
There is a world of difference between where we came from and where we are now, and we would like to thank PSD for taking us on this journey – The end result is simply awesome.



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