Brand Strategy

Branding is about making your product and services more desirable to the right consumers. A Brand Strategy is understanding the how, what, where, when, and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering your brand messages.

A brand is only as good as the intelligence behind it. Our brand strategy team uncover valuable customer insights through research and understanding your business wants and desires. We help solve business problems to provide the launch pad for effective brand communications.


Our Brand Strategy Services

Market Research
Brand Positioning
Brand Voice and Personality discovery
Communication Strategy
Implementation Planning
Business administration strategy and training

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Market Research.

The true story of your brand comes from your consumers, the business foundations and your competitive advantage. PSD Brand Design see the connection of all three combine to provide brand insight that compels the aspiration of your brand.

From online research, client discovery sessions and focus groups, PSD provide a number of platforms to gain valuable market insights.


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Brand Positioning

A brand positioning strategy defines what you want your customers to think of when they think of your brand. It is about defining your brand’s relevance, differentiation and credibility to your customers.

PSD find the niche in the market place that your brand owns. We help define your brand’s appeal, find what makes your brand different and position your offering through key messaging and creative implementation.


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Brand Voice and Personality discovery

Your brand personality is essentially what your brand would be if it was a person. After all people connect with people everyday. So do brands. Defining your brand personality and brand voice provides your brand with a unique identity. An identity which connects with your target audience and creates meaningful relationships with your consumers.


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Communication Strategy

Without a strategy of how, when, where and who you want your brand to connect with, you are throwing a dart in the wind with a blindfold on.

You might hit something if you are lucky, but you will be sure to spend a lot of time, effort and money to reach customers who don’t need your offering.

A well designed communication strategy will have purpose, provide focus and ensure your brand investment will provide valued outcomes.


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Implementation Planning

Like a communication strategy, which defines what media platforms you will use to reach your customers, implementation planning looks at market timing, reaching customers at a time and place that will provide the greatest impact.


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Business administration training

Developing a brand campaign is one thing, coordinating the campaign with staff and stakeholders is critical to ensure the brand has the greatest success.

PSD work with staff and administrators to provide systems training, implementation strategies and brand awareness programs.


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When we engaged PSD Brand Design we were a small organisation, with big aspirations. After just a few months working with PSD we believe we have grown in to a ‘proper’ business. PSD was instrumental in changing the way we think about ourselves and how we project our brand to both our employees and our customers. There is a world of difference between where we came from and where we are now, and we would like to thank PSD for taking us on this journey – The end result is simply awesome.


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