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The husband and wife owners of PSD Brand Design, based at Gosford on the Central Coast, just an hour’s drive north of Sydney, have built a sterling reputation over the past 15 years for helping businesses find the brand that is right for them….

What makes a great website?

Websites are a critical marketing tool for any business. Most of our clients place the importance of a website as the most vital marketing tool after a logo and stationery. It is essential to get it right…

Social Media for Business

Nearly three-quarters of Australians are now on social media. Australians are now spending more than half a day per week on Facebook alone, up four hours from last year….

The evolution of a brand

Brands at one pont or another require change. But when is the right time to rebrand? Is a full rebrand required? Or perhaps a brand refresh of design systems and messaging?

Finding the balance

Gone are the days of design for the sake of pretty pictures. Without a mix of strategy and creative execution, a brand simply lacks substance. In the market that brands live in today…

Brand Definitions

All too often I hear people talking about brand, but what they are really talking about is their logo. So here it is, let’s see what the definition of logo vs the definition of a brand is…

Budgeting for marketing

Would you know what an appropriate marketing budget is for your business? More importantly, what should you spend on marketing to get the results you are looking for.

CoastConnect Service Launch

New South Wales State Government has funded a new on demand public transport service. For the Central Coast Region, the trial service is operated by Community Transport Central Coast…


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