Good Relationships
Good Relationships

Having good relationships in your business, makes our working days so much more fun.

When you own your business, there are so many responsibilities in addition to the actual products and services you supply. You also have to be on top of finance, accounting, legal, compliance, marketing, advertising, promotions, workplace health and safety, human resources, people management and much more..

They say no man (or woman, of course) is an island. Never has this been more true for a business owner, who has to build relationships with others all the time.

At PSD Brand Design, we have been reflecting on how important it is for our business to have good relationships with our clients, suppliers and contractors. It makes our work environment so much more enjoyable and it provides a peace of mind.

We have been operating for over 10 years and, I can say, we have really great relationships with our clients, suppliers and contractors.

Why do we have lovely clients?
  1. First and foremost, they are genuinely nice people. You have to click with your clients, otherwise it just won’t work.
  2. They have a great business that we also believe in and advocate for.
  3. They are innovative as a person and in their business. This excites and inspires us as well.
  4. Our ethics are the same, meaning they operate their business in an ethical and honest way.
  5. They understand and value our creative and marketing offering as our work has helped their business growth.
Why do we have good suppliers and contractors?
  1. They provide quality work and within timeline. We have tested and have trust in the work they provide.
  2. We share information and knowledge to help each other’s business growth.
  3. We value their expertise in their respective fields.
  4. We pay on time. It is important to pay on time, to show your appreciation of their time and work.
  5. They understand our work processes and we understand theirs, and together, the work is streamlined.

Developing good relationships within your work life takes time. But when you do get there, it’s utopia.

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