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With the introduction of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the focus has switched from providers to customers.

With the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the consumers now are seeking out appropriate services to suit their individual needs. With the new ‘ownership’ mentality, individuals are choosing a fit for purpose organisation, giving them ‘real choice’ in which service providers they use. This brings the question; ‘who will I use and for what reasons?’

As with any consumer making a purchase, there are many factors that influence their decision to use one service over another. That begins with the first impressions.


Influencing choice

It is important for service providers to present a professional first impression:

  • easy to understand and transparent messages
  • a focus on care
  • emphasising an individualised approach.

Presenting the right first impression will attract individuals to use your services over another organisation.


Provider of choice

As well as creating a brand presence, delivering on the brand promise is critical. This will provide ‘word of mouth’ referrals and build a reputation in the marketplace as the service provider of choice.

The first step in developing a brand is to understand the culture of the customer. The end result is a set of brand values that appeal to the customer. Your visual identity plays a large part in becoming a provider of choice.

The online and offline marketing/communication materials should Be consistent. It should include information about the business and what it stands for and a short overview of the personalised services. The communication needs to be written to emphasise the individual approach and show all service options are personalised.


How Living Made Easy used this method

Living Made Easy work with people with a disability and older people who want to stay in their home but need some assistance to maintain their independence and lead the most fulfilling life possible.

We were engaged to assess the business and deliver a strategy to create a brand that was reflective of their values and mission. The aim was to engage their customers in a more meaningful way. We assessed the current market by performing competitor analysis and ran interviews to gain insight.

We began with developing an identity for the business that was reflective of their service offering and customer outcomes. The Living Made Easy logo element represents paths – a person centred approach to care, focusing on abilities and not difficulties, to suit the clients individual needs. Formed around a ‘doorway’ in the centre of the identity, all the various paths meet, forming a solution outcome to help clients on their life journey.

We then created concise messaging and developed a clear value proposition. Brand communications, online and offline, were created to engage and create a market perception that was reflective of the organisations offering.


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